Friday, August 27, 2010

Heart Attack Wallpapers!

I will be posting wallpapers (currently all made by me) to add some flare to your boring desktop! I will be making wallpapers for nearly all resolutions bigger than 1024x768, but nothing smaller than that. I will make custom collage backgrounds for those who ask (planes, video game characters, et cetera.) They will not be watermarked, and you can post them wherever you want without any need to mention me, Heartattackist, at all.

I may also post other stuff, but mostly cool wallpapers. Anyways, here's my first wallpaper! And I will take requests, so feel free to suggest anything.

Click on it to open it, right click it and save it as your background (that's assuming you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer. You'll have to fend for yourself on Chrome). This one's in 1024x768, but I will make larger ones.

Anyways, stay tuned for more!

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